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Don't Tell Me What To Do....has arrived!

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I'm Jen and I am a: 

  • Doctor of Public Health

  • Wife 

  • Mom 

  • Healthcare Executive

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Podcast host

  • Author

"Dr. Dunphy is a source of great information! She has been my reliable and constant resource through the pandemic. For this reason I always look out for her content to see what new information she has to share! I am so appreciative of her time and dedication."

— Lizette R, Human Resource Manager

Sacramento, California

"I subscribed to Dr. Dunphy right from the start. After following her on instagram I knew I would learn a lot. A mom of a toddler and newborn, this information has been invaluable. Dr. Dunphy makes complication information understandable, which helped make me more confident in making big decisions. It is clear that the reseach she does is so thorough. I look forward to more from Dr. Dunphy."

-Michelle S, Teacher

Holtsville, New York 

"There is too much false information on the internet for me to handle. Dr. Jen uses her expertise and research to bring us the information that will help us to navigate this new world. I trust her knowledge, research, time and information. Thanks Dr. Jen for all you do." 

-Kimberley Chavez, Medical Assistant

Monterey, California

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