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Don't Tell me What to do


You will know if this book is meant for you.

Dr. Jen believes you are born a leader. it is a calling.


Experience can hone and refine your skills, but you either have that burning fire to be something great, or you don’t. 

This book is for the people that are without a doubt going to make an impact in this world.
this book will strengthen that impact. 

If you have the unquenchable desire to do more and make the biggest impact you possibly can with your life then this is YOUR book. It was written FOR you. It was written TO you. 

I knew very early on I wanted my life to be lived powerfully. But, the world just didn't see me as a powerhouse. Small, female, unassuming. I was a lion inside of a kitten's body. I was told I couldn't by so many people in my life (including myself) I started believing it. Until I realized the secret.

Through my IDEAL YOU framework I am going to guide you through the process of reclaiming your power and becoming the you you've always known you were meant to be. 

This is not just a book. It's a movement. 

You will learn how to: 

  • Ignite the passion and fire that already exists inside of you so you can achieve the success that you were always meant to have

  • Create your new ideal life vision so that you are no longer stuck and have the freedom to be the person you were meant to be

  • Translate that vision into a reality by employing the Awareness, Clarity, Action framework, which will get you big results, immediately

  • Hold yourself accountable so that the only option is forward progress

  • Awaken to your unique worth, value and impact--the world needs you



Are you the one who KNOWS they were meant to change the world, but somehow lost that magic along the way?
 This book was written for you. 
Are you tired of being told to play small, be average, and color within the lines?
This book was written for you. 
Why did I write this book? 

I had a health scare in 2019 (labor) and  again in 2020 (post partum issue).  I am so grateful I was completely healthy. But, the experience, the fear of loss, it changed me.


I imagined what it would be like to leave my babies and I started thinking, what do I want to leave them WITH-- what is the ONE thing I want to teach them.


I started writing and I couldn't stop. 

Becoming the youngest "chief" executive in my organization, graduating my doctoral program with a baby on my hip, publishing in a top journal, increasing my salary by over 10x in four years, writing 2 books, launching 2 companies, and being a wife and mom of two toddlers.



These things were all accomplished by following exactly the framework I have outlined in my book. It is not about wanting to be the best version of yourself, it is being unable to commit to anything else-- and then living that life day-in and day out. 

Why is Don't Tell Me What To Do.   different? 

You’re probably thinking that you’ve already read so many “self-help” books how is this one going to be any different---it’s because YOU are going to be different.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you thought anything was possible?


You could be a musician, professional athlete, or even a movie star. You’re probably thinking that you’ve already read so many “motivation"  books and are wondering how is this one going to be any different---it’s because YOU will be different.


As you work through this proprietary framework you will peel back the layers of who YOU were before life started hammering you down, and telling you that you can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t and no.


This book helps you bring BACK, and not only reach your potential but move beyond it beyond it 10X. You will get completely novel tools, exercises and strategies that you can implement IMMEDIATELY. 


What are the consequences, to yourself and to the world of NOT giving this a chance? 

As you create a new vision for your life and then execute it on it, you will realize you were meant to become this person you always thought you would be. 

Power and success

Dr. Jen shows you how to own your power, then how to use it.


This book was created for those of us that are tired of being told to play small, be average, and color within the lines. WE CAN DO IT ALL.


This is your push in the direction they were always meant to go in.

This book is your guide, and will help you carve the path to build the ideal vision of your life, you always knew you were meant to achieve. 

Included you get:

  • An exclusive program for crafting your version of the perfect life

  • BONUS printable companion workbook 

  • Proprietary action frameworks for making those visions reality

  • Tools and strategies for achieving 10x what you have ever achieved before and getting to that success, and impact immediately

  • Continued support through an exclusive online community to ensure you achieve your goals.


The workbook

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"Don't Tell Me What To Do"
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