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The Toxin Handbook


Breathe. Consume. Absorb. 

Things we do every single day. But, do we REALLY know how the pollution, pesticides, and chemicals are impacting our health? 


There is so much we can do to prevent disease by avoiding harmful chemicals but they don’t want us to talk about it. Well, I’m talking. I’m shouting it from the ROOFTOPS!

Whether you're a new parent, thinking of starting or a family, or deciding to become more health conscious this is your one stop shop how-to-guide:

-Stop needless exposure to harmful chemicals

-Protect your kids

-Making your home safer to help prevent cancer, disease, and developmental disorders

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The secrets to avoiding dangerous chemicals in your everyday life are outlined in the book, with an overwhelming amount of science to back it up.


I wrote this book so I could give it to everyone I know and I want to share with you, my health conscious subscribers, as well. Enjoy!

Sleeping Baby

"This is exactly the resource I am looking for to help my patients be healthier"

-Hoag Newport Beach Ob Gyn

Moving In

“This should be on the required reading list for all new parents.”

-Christine Allen, Behavioral Therapist

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