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October Newsletter

Fall Booster Strategy:

The omicron booster is now available--should you get it if you have already had the first 3 (2 primary series and 1 booster)?

The evidence is in and its in favor of you receiving the booster IF you are over 60, or immunocompromised.

What if you are under 60, and healthy?

It looks like you are still going to be protected from severe disease if you have had either a booster or COVID-19 infection in the past 12 months (and there are some caveats explained below based on blood type).

If you do get boosted it does not mean you are protected from infection, but the new omicron booster can cut the probability of infection in half for about 3-6 months, so you will have to weigh whether that is worth it to you.

The first two shots + booster have provided enormous benefits to the individual and to society. I know there are a lot of people out there that will argue that fact, but the evidence is simply indisputable.

The fourth and fifth booster, though, are showing diminishing returns in that sense that once you have been protected against severe disease with the first three shots, that protection tends to stick around. This is especially so if you are under 60 years of age. Which means that with the fourth and fifth booster (under 60 and healthy) you are really solving for a short period of time in which your probability of getting infected is lower than it would be without the booster.

This has benefits for those who want to decrease their chances of becoming a vector for passing the disease to an elderly family member or newborn, or want to do their best to avoid getting infected at a high-risk event. For example, I am scheduling my omicron booster four weeks before I go skiing in Europe this January.

If you are over 60 the severe disease protection from the first three shots does start to wane (which is unsettling). This is exactly why it is important to get a 4th or 5th booster if you are over 60 years of age or immunocompromised— you are not getting the shot to protect against infection (although it MAY protect you)—the reason you are getting the fourth or fifth booster at over 60 is to reinvigorate your antibodies to protect against severe disease and death. If you are under 60, evidence shows the protection from the first three shots, lasts for at least 12 months, if not longer.

Let’s talk about blood type:

I have mentioned in my previous newsletters that Blood Type A is a risk factor for severe disease and reinfection. The evidence continues to build that this is true, and the evidence also shows that if you are type O you tend to be more protected against severe covid.

If you have already had covid (most people have) then you already know whether you are one of the people who is severely impacted. If you have gotten severely ill from covid OR if you have gotten reinfected by covid within 6 months of prior infection the probability of you being type A is very high.


Very simply blood type A produces antigens that the virus likes. Blood type O produces antigens that the virus does not like. This is not just for COVID-19. In general, blood type A is more prone to infections and certain cancers. No other blood types showed significance. As omicron evolves we are seeing tighter attachment to ACE2 receptor, which Type A may have more of.

My Intermittent Fasting Journey

For those of you following my intermittent fasting journey on instagram @drjendunphy , I promised I would provide my daily IF schedule in this newsletter.

But first, I must clearly state:

Always follow your physician’s recommendation when trying anything new--I am not a medical doctor nor a nutritionist and this is not medical advice. I am not an expert in intermittent fasting I am just sharing what has worked well for my body. If you have any health conditions and you want to try this method, please first consult with a medical professional. If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant or breasteeding this message is really important. But this message is also called common sense and I am very confident if you are savvy enough to be reading this newsletter about your health then this statement is wholly unnecessary (but I have to say it anyway).

So, as promised:

My fasting window is Monday through Friday 7 pm to 11 am (sometimes I will go to 12 pm). This does include water and my morning coffee (which some diehard intermittent fasters claim is breaking the rule—oh well, I NEED my COFFEE!).

I have two cheat days a week. I don’t go crazy on these days, but I do eat earlier breakfasts and later dinners, on average.

When I do eat, I try to consume nutrient dense whole organic foods (green smoothies, vegetable/bean soups, protein, and low carbs and sugar). I don’t count or track anything, I just eat until I am almost full at each meal. Listen to your body. And, if you are extra hungry one day in your fasting window, please eat. Your body may need extra calories due to whatever reason (fighting an illness, etc…).

It is REALLY important to stay hydrated, because intermittent fasting can cause dehydration. This is because a lot of foods contain water, and we also usually drink when we eat, so when we eliminate breakfast after not eating all night, you actually are losing a lot of water you aren’t replenishing. This is doubly so if you are drinking caffeine which is a diuretic (makes you lose water).

This is not a diet, this is just a way to let your digestive system take a rest for a little longer so it can repair. If you have gut problems, I have noticed this tends to help a lot. I have intermittent gastritis and this usually clears it up for me (again, not a medical doctor this is just trial and error observations). Also, you will likely feel hungry for the first two weeks while your body adapts. If you continue to be hungry after that, you probably aren’t getting enough calories in the day. This is not a diet, this is a body repair strategy--you are not meant to feel hungry or restrict caloric intake.

This process makes me feel cleaner, and leaner and I believe gives my body a head start in repairing itself. I have been able to lose unnecessary weight that doesn’t serve me and build muscle through this process. I also sleep better, my rest feels deeper and more restorative. If you are trying this for the first time I recommend cutting out any alcohol for awhile--I have noticed this helps me more fully realize the benefits.

Once again, I am not a nutritionist! But, I am sharing what has worked really well for me and a lot of you seemed very interested in hearing my NON-EXPERT fitness/IF plan.

I also work out 6 days a week where I do incline training on my treadmill, or reformer pilates. I do pilates at least 3x a week. My runs/incline walks are usually 30 minutes. I like to work out in the mornings.


My Toxin Handbook will make an amazing gift for the holidays. If want to know what type of information you will be getting BEFORE you buy. Click below for a FREE PDF of the Intro and Chapter 1.

I hope it is all you need to believe that this handbook should be read by everyone, especially families with young children, or those trying to do what they can to live a long and healthy life. There is so much we can do to prevent disease by avoiding harmful chemicals but they don’t want us to talk about it. Well, I’m talking. I’m shouting it from the ROOFTOPS!

The secrets to avoiding dangerous chemicals in your everyday life are outlined in the book, with an overwhelming amount of science to back it up. I wrote this book so I could give it to everyone I know and I want to share with you, my health conscious subscribers, as well. Enjoy!

If you like what you read, you can buy it on Amazon HERE.

*If you are kind enough to write me an honest review on Amazon, I will happily send you a free copy to give to a friend! Just let me know with subject of the e-mail “I reviewed” and a screen shot of your review.

If you want an audible version, call me and I will read it to you :)

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